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Future Residential School

Exalt aims to actually create a Personalised Learning program which is conducted within a residential school. The school will be different as Exalt recognises that every one learns in a different way and at a different pace.


EXALT's goal is to redefine the manner in which education is conducted in India. EXALT hopes to achieve this by leveraging the use of Technology to the fullest extent possible through a unique learning system which measures the effectiveness of learning in real time. This raw data is collated, analysed, and recorded so that an archive of an individuals learning is developed.  

The process EXALT will use is a unique process and is not a part of the mainstream. Most of our lessons will be converted to finely tuned lesson plans in audio, visual format or both, in order to enhance the effectiveness of our delivery. This combined with extensive project work will provide our clients a solid educational base.  


The lesson plans will be created by subject matter experts, each of whom have undertaken significant research in their specific subject areas. These lesson plans will be delivered by young trained facilitators, whose primary objective will be to keep the class engaged in an interactive learning environment.  

EXALT wishes to question the existing paradigm of education by eliminating the traditional system which divides people by age, and instead put forth differing levels of subjects to be studied at a pace each individual client desires. Hence EXALT will replace the conventional grades 1, 2, 3, 4 , 5, 6 etc, with an individually tailored differential learning system.  Clients will be able to identify what they wish to study and areas where their interests lie and create a tailor made program. Certainly a basic, escalating, English, Math and IT grounding will be provided mandatorily.

Further a plethora of varying subjects ranging from horticulture, home economics, yoga, spirituality, sports, book reviews and extra curricular activities are an essential part of the program.  We will provide clients with all the knowledge/skills and more to be successful at university, and in the professional world. At the end of the program clients can assess their competence and graduate to Tertiary education by appearing for the Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), and National Institute of Open Schooling.  

The EXALT Personalised Learning Center aims to convert itself into a full fledged residential school in due course. The purpose of this statement is to put forth our intent to the Universe which will manifest this endeavour when its time is right.

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