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Learning Environment


About the Program:

This is a unique facility which allows you to learn during a holiday or a short stay.

- Imagine learning a new skill, interest or hobby during your holiday, as a family or even as an individual.

- Imagine the quality time that a family experiences as they all engage in something new.

- Our holidays have always had a learning agenda.

- The bonding that is achieved when a family learns something as a family leaves families with life long memories, and assist in establishing awesome relationships within the family.


The LE has a residential facility which provides good accommodation. There are many activities conducted on campus and off campus. The food is simple, fresh and wholesome, just as it would be in any home. 


So guests are welcome to just holiday like they would at any hotel or resort and not undertake any specific program.


To engage with LE for a learning holiday follow the below stated process:


Step1: You contact Exalt to make a booking. We register your details.

Step 2: We send you a small form to fill out and a list of Programs/Activities to choose from.

Step 3: You fill out our form and indicate what programs/activities you wish to take up, and send us the info.

Step 4: We study your requirements and then tailor make a personalized learning program for you incorporating the Programs and/or activities you wish to take up. These will be factored into your daily schedule (bearing in mind your timing, preferences, duration of program, and priorities).

Step 5: You visit us at Exalt LE, and have a great, fun filled, customized learning experience!!


​What kind of accommodation can I expect?

The accommodation will be reasonably simple, however, most of the amenities one would expect will be provided for (hotwater, fans, air conditioning, laundry, food service, etc). Please refer to our Accommodation Options and Photo Gallery sections for further information.

Accommodation Options:

** Entire bungalow available for Bulk bookings also

Meal Options


Both Veg and Non Veg meal options are available.​

Meals will be additional to the room rental and will be priced at Rs.1000/- Per Person (Adults)

                                                                                                                  Rs.750/-   Per Person (Kids)


What kind of a Menu can I expect?

Your menu is a set menu, which is varied on a daily basis. All our food is made from the freshest local ingredients available and home cooked with tender loving care. Both Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian options are available.


What are the activities on offer?

We offer two types of activities 'Off Campus" and "On Campus". What this means is fairly self-evident: Off Campus activities are conducted outside of the Exalt campus and "On Campus" activities are offered within the Exalt campus. Please see the table below for the full list. Please note that some of these activities are aspirational and are not yet available.

What are the Programs on offer?

Please see the list of programs on offer below. Please note the Programs with a * next to them are aspirational and are not yet on offer.

Customized Learning Programs:

Educational                                                                                                           Sports Camps

Science Programs                                                                                                  Cricket

Botany Programs                                                                                                   Swimming

Astronomy Programs                                                                                           Tennis

Personality Development Programs                                                                Badminton

Soft Skills Development Programs

Self Help Programs                                                                                                Arts & Crafts

Spiritual Discourses                                                                                               

Yoga Classes (Theory and practice)                                                                    Pottery

Healthcare through Naturopathy and Ayurveda                                           Bamboo Weaving

General Principles of Ferrous Metallurgy (Extractive)                                  Painting

Principle of Ferro Alloy making

Principle of Paper Science                                                                                    Food

Customized Courses                                                                                              Cooking Classes

                                                                                                                                      Chocolate making classes

Miscellaneous                                                                                                         Paapad making classes

Visit a farm

Visit a nature camp                                                                                                Technology

Learn a musical instrument                                                                                  Visit a Ferro Alloy plant

Special Focus Workshops                                                                                      Visit a paper mill

Theater classes                                                                                                         Visit a power plant

Film Appreciation                                                                                                     Visit a sugar factory


Typical Schedule:

What can i expect a typical day to look like?

8:00am – Breakfast 

9:00am – Cricket coaching / Football coaching / Badminton coaching

11:00pm – Swimming coaching / Birding trails / Nature trails

1:00pm – Lunch 

3:00pm – Trekking

4:00pm - Mountain biking lessons

5:30pm – Tea 

8:00pm - Dinner

9:00pm - Campfire

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