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Everyone Has Untapped Potential

At EXALT we believe everybody has great reserves of untapped potential which individuals need to unlock in order to lead balanced and happy lives. When an individual discovers his true potential and begins working towards the same that is when true satisfaction and creativity ensue. It is this ethos which EXALT carries through to all its activities in a spirit of love, cooperation and respect for all.


EXALT Group of Companies traces its origins way back to the 1940's when a freedom fighter Lalbhai Patel commenced Nagri Mining Company which was then considered the 2nd largest Manganese mining company in India.

As forward integration India's first Ferro Alloy plant at Danddeli, was established in 1955 which was recognised as an innovative manufacturer where many new technologies were introduced to India. For several decades Danddeli Ferro Private Limited (Danddeli) was recognised as India's premier producer of Extra Low Carbon Ferro Manganese & Extra Low Carbon Silico Manganese and Noble Alloys. 



The last decade saw the cessation of mining activities as the entire region was declared a Wildlife Game sanctuary. The Groups hydropower projects have since been divested. The Ferro Alloy manufacturing facilities, and the liquid fuel power plants are available for relocation. 


The team is currently engaged with leveraging 60 years of Ferro Alloy manufacturing experience by offering technology transfers.


The future visualises activities in education, hospitality, recycling of wastes, renewable energy and real estate. 

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