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About EuroEd
  • We believe in leaving a better world for our children to inherit.

  • We believe that the fastest way to achieve this goal is throught education.

  • We believe in working in a clear and transparent manner.

  • We believe in you.


Educational Placement Services

  • Are you a fresh undergraduate or a post graduate student aspiring for further studies in Europe?

  • Do you believe that your previous marks should not limit the qualification you desire to achieve?

  • Do you wish to obtain an affordable education without compromising on quality?

  • If yes, then EuroEd is ideally placed to help you.


Our Services
  • Placements at both the posta graduate and under graduate level at all top European Universities.

  • 3 month internship programs

  • Accomodation Options

  • Peer group support programs.

  • Visa services (optional/extra)

Our Process
  • Get in touch with us via phone or email. Our contact details are listed below.

  • Register your details with our councelor.

  • Once registered we will call you in for a free interview.

  • If you are interested in pursuing the matter further, we will connect you to our partners in Europe and arrange a free counseling session for you with our European partners.

  • Our partners will engage with you and understand your qualifications and university preferences. They will also guide you in compiling the necessary paper work.


  • Once the counseling is completed you will be offered a choice of 4-8 Universities. You will be asked to list these Universities in order of your preference.

  • If you then decide to engage us to conclude your placement in these universities, you will then require to pay our placement fees.

  • Payment of fees garuntees you placement in one of the Universities you have short listed.

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