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At EXALT we believe everybody has great reserves of untapped potential which individuals need to unlock in order to lead balanced and happy lives. When an individual discovers his true potential and begins working towards the same that is when true satisfaction and creativity ensue. It is this ethos which EXALT carries through to all its activities in a spirit of love, cooperation and respect for all.

Exalt – is a sprawling property situated on the banks of the river Kali, adjoining the town of Dandeli. The property aims to retain its natural splendour and is nestled in the foothills of the western ghats, adjoining the picturesque Dandeli Wildlife sanctuary.


Exalt - Personalized Learning Center offers both learning and adventure activities, one can experience on a holiday or as a more structured program .  There is an exuberance of flora and fauna within the Exalt campus including....Pied Malabar Hornbills, Great Indian Hornbills, Malabar Squirrells, Flying Squirrells, and an abundance of Spotted Deer, Monkeys and Peacocks.


There are numerous walking and cycling tracks scattered around the campus which maybe used to explore the area. As well as trails through the woods to the river bank.


We provide a warm homely environment with all essential amenities like food, boarding, 24 hour hot water, Western style toilets, WiFi, cable tv, sound system and projection system. The luxury property (Firdossh) also has a swimming pool, indoor/outdoor bar and Tandoor.


The campus also has a large in house sports complex where associated sports can be played (Cricket, Football, Badminton, Carrom, and Volleyball).


We look forward to welcoming you at Exalt and sharing our home with you!

Please click on the 'Contact Us' link below to get in touch with us or on the pictures link for more pictures of the property.

Contact Us & Pictures

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